An overpayment happens when you are paid Housing Benefit that you are not entitled to.

If you have been overpaid we will calculate the total amount and will write to you to explain:

  • Why this has happened
  • What period the overpayment relates to
  • Whether it will be recovered and how
  • The amount which has been overpaid

If you believe our decision is wrong you can appeal or ask us to reconsider.

Making a repayment

If you continue to claim housing benefit, we can also recover the overpayment from your weekly benefit until it is fully paid.

If you no longer claim housing benefit, you’ll receive an invoice from us.

Overpayments of housing benefit can be recovered from the tenant, the person to whom payments were made or an appointee.

If you are experiencing difficulty in making payments please contact the Overpayments Team on 01295 227002 or alternatively you can complete a statement of means form.

Pay benefit overpayment