Why have I got an overpayment?

There are several reasons why you may have been overpaid Housing Benefit. Here are a few examples:

  • you may have forgotten to let us know that your income has increased. (Income is money coming into your home. eg wages, Department for Works and Pension (DWP) benefits, a works pension, Tax Credits)
  • you may have had a change in your savings
  • somebody may have moved in or out of your home
  • you or someone in your household may have started work or changed jobs
  • if you have a non-dependent living with you, their income may have changed
  • you may have moved out of your home and not told us. (Please do not rely on the DWP or your landlord to inform us of any changes)
  • the DWP may have told us to cancel your claim or there may have been a delay in receiving information from them