If you are experiencing financial difficulty

Contact us immediately; it may be possible to pay by instalments. Before arranging instalments, we may need to know what your income and expenditure is. Please note we would usually expect any instalment plan to clear your overpayment within 12 months however we can arrange a longer repayment plan if you are experiencing financial hardship. If you are unable to pay within 12 months please fill in our statement of means form.

In some cases we can negotiate a realistic level of repayment over a longer period of time (eg by small regular instalments). We will encourage you to seek independent advice if you have multiple debt problems, eg the Money Advice service or the National Debt line.

We will be sensitive to your individual circumstances. If you owe money to other creditors, we recognise you are likely to be under stress. We will collect debts courteously, respectfully and efficiently and treat any information you give us as confidential. To make a payment arrangement contact the Revenues and Recovery Team on 01295 221507.