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Supporting greener travel

Greener travel

Being able to easily move around Bicester by bike and on foot, whilst having sustainable transport provision for longer journeys, will help to support a transition to a lower carbon transport future in the town.

Rail - Bicester is well connected by rail with direct services to Birmingham, Oxford and London. East-West Rail will extend rail accessibility eastwards with Phase 2 enabling new train services to Milton Keynes, Bedford and Aylesbury by 2024.

Bus - Stagecoach Buses operates the premium S5 service between Bicester and Oxford Town Centre serving the Bicester Park and Ride on the A41 approach into the town and the X5 service provides for travel to Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Cambridge.

Eco Bus - Run by Grayline Coaches, the E1 low emissions bus service runs between Elmsbrook in NW Bicester and the town centre. It will also serves Bicester Village Train Station at peak times. The route is registered as a hail and ride service, permitting it to stop at any safe point along that route.

E-Car Club - Bicester’s Eco-Town includes the provision of two E-Car Club vehicles, the use of which has been extended to all residents across the town. Short-term car hire services such as E-Car Club help to fill the gaps in transport needs and forms a key ingredient in supporting a shift away from private car use and ownership. The development of car club provision within the town is an ongoing Garden Town programme.