Bicester Garden Town - Travel

Walking and Cycling within Bicester

Bicester’s residents already walk and cycle more than other people living in towns of a comparable size. Bicester Garden Town looks to build on this, encouraging people to ‘actively travel’ as much as possible.

The Healthy Bicester project has sought to encourage active, sustainable travel within communities by connecting neighbourhoods and encouraging residents to visit the green spaces around them. These included the installation of health walks, wayfinding monoliths and fingerposts.

We are also working closely with the highways authority, Oxfordshire County Council, to deliver high quality walking and cycling routes, making it easier to get around the town that way.  Bicester’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) was approved in September 2020, which identifies a network plan for walking and cycling alongside a prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements for future investment. 

In addition, the Garden Town programme has enabled the progression of additional studies to help provide greater walking and cycling connectivity to the south of Bicester and to develop a programme of measures which would increase sustainable travel to the surrounding villages and countryside for practical trips as well as just for fun.

More details of Bicester's LCWIP.