Housing advice on leaving the Armed Forces

If you are looking for accommodation on leaving the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces all the options on this website will apply, including:

We administer the housing register for all the social housing properties to rent in Cherwell.

Forces personnel are able to apply to join the housing register 12 months prior to their discharge date.

We operate a Choice Based Lettings Scheme (CBL). Applications are banded according to need and in line with our allocation scheme. All available properties are advertised on a weekly basis. Only those with an active application on the housing register can apply.

For the first five years following discharge, members of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces are exempt from the requirement to have a local connection with our district as set out in our Allocations Policy.

You can contact us on 01295 227004 or email: housing@cherwell-dc.gov.uk.

Further information and support specifically for ex-Armed Forces and Reserve Forces personnel is available from the following local and national organisations: