Apply to join the housing register

Allocation of social housing

The housing register is the waiting list managed by the council to allocate available social housing in Cherwell. Social housing is designed to be affordable accommodation for households who do not have the resources to buy their own homes or rent privately, or who have specialist housing needs, for example a disability or higher support need.

Social housing in Cherwell is owned mainly by Registered Providers of social housing, (who used to be called Housing Associations), they work in partnership with us in accordance with our Nominations Agreement to let the majority of their homes through the one housing register.

We have an agreed Housing Allocation Scheme to make sure that the same rules are used to assess all applications and having one waiting list makes sure that everyone gets an equal chance to apply for the houses that are available.

Those qualified to be on the housing register are awarded a priority based on their level of housing need. From Band 1, the most urgent or crisis situation to Band 4 for those who would like to move but have a lower need to do so.

Shortlists for properties are in order of priority and then by date.  So the most urgent cases, who have been waiting the longest are likely to be top of a shortlist for a property and be nominated to that property.

Some properties have special features such as level assess showers or stairlifts, applicants who need these adaptations get preference for these properties.

There is currently extremely high demand for social housing in Cherwell. Cherwell continues to work as hard as possible to support all applicants to the housing register, but we must advise applicants to expect increased waiting times.  Those at risk of homelessness must explore all other available housing options. It is unlikely a nomination to a social tenancy will ever resolve a crisis situation.