Apply to join the housing register

What information/proof do we need

This information is required and if your application is not complete it will not be processed until this has been provided. All documents can be uploaded straight to your housing register application via Homechoice.

  • Declaration form - gives permission to process your application
  • Identification - required to prevent fraud. For example: passport, driving license, birth certificate, bank statement
  • Proof of Eligibility - British Citizens resident in the UK are automatically eligible. If you have recently returned from abroad or if you are subject to immigration control you will need to provide further supporting documents. For example: Habitual Residency Test, Home Office letter, leave to remain
  • Current Address - required to assess your housing need. For example: recent utility bill, bank statement or Council Tax bill
  • Full Housing History - details of all address for at least the last 5 years, including the name and contact details of landlords. Also if you owned the house, were living with family/friend, or with a resident landlord.
  • We need tenancy reports to process your application. Doing these checks as part of the application means that when we put you forward for an offer we can avoid unnecessary delays or problems with being housed.
  • Bank Statements: We have to assess the financial circumstances. We need 2 months recent bank statements for all accounts, for adults on the application. Those with savings or income above £60,000 are not qualified unless they are over 55 and need sheltered or extra-care housing. Your bank statements can be used as proof of address, ID, wages, receipt of benefits including child benefit and disability benefit to support medical needs.