HMO Licensing

HMO Register

About the HMO Register

By law we must maintain a register of specified information on all properties in the district where:

  • an HMO licence is currently in force
  • a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) is currently in force
  • an Interim Management Order (IMO) is currently in force
  • a Final Management Order (FMO) is currently in force

View the Licence Register 

You will need to create an account and login to access the licence register. You can view all licence types in the Register, or search for 'HMO Licence' and/or search by postcode or licence reference number.
We do not condone the use of direct marketing undertaken by third parties accessing this information. By doing so, third parties could find themselves in breach of data protection legislation by not gaining consent from the individuals concerned.

Note: we do not publish details of applications in progress or expired cases. We only list licences, TENs and IMO/FMOs which are currently issued.

Contact us if you wish to be sent a copy of the register, or if you believe a property should be licensed but does not appear in the register.