HMO Licensing

Changes and updates after licence issue


If you wish to make changes to the HMO licence, for example you have undertaken building work and you wish to increase the number of occupants permitted on the licence, please contact us to request a licence variation. We will consider your request and may arrange to inspect the property. Variations can be made with or without agreement. There is no charge for variations.

Change of licence holder

Licences cannot be transferred under any circumstances. If you wish to change licence holder, for example you are selling or buying a property, then you should contact us so we can revoke the existing licence. The new licence holder will need to complete a new application and pay a new application fee.

Licence conditions

The licence holder must ensure that they continue to comply with all of their licence conditions and the HMO Management Regulations throughout the lifetime of the licence. This includes keeping your contact details up-to-date and sending us copies of safety certificates each year or as they expire (eg every 5 years for the electrical installation condition report).