HMO Licensing

Renewing an HMO licence

Renew an existing HMO Licence

The renewal application form is shorter than for new applications, as we do not need all of the property details. Instead you just need to confirm the details for all interested parties, and then declare that there have not been any major changes to the property since the last licence was issued (or outline any that have occurred). The HMO licence fee is paid in two stages: Stage 1 with the application, and when you receive the draft licence.

Once we have received your valid renewal application, we will arrange to inspect your property so we can prepare any conditions to go on the licence. When renewing your licence, we will assess the property against our HMO Standards Policy 2018 and may add conditions in order to meet our current standards.

You can only renew a current licence with the same licence holder. If your licence has already expired, or you wish to change licence holder, you will need to make a new HMO licence application and pay the new application fee.