Support for Ukraine

Housing options for Ukrainian guests

Options for Homes for Ukraine guests after the initial six-month sponsorship

We recognise that many Homes for Ukraine placements are now approaching the end of the initial six months of sponsorship. We encourage all hosts to have open conversations with your guests about their options.

Whatever you decide to do, at the six-month point, please inform us two months beforehand or as soon as possible after this point.

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Continue staying with your current host

Many hosts have chosen to continue hosting beyond their original six-month commitment. This can make a big difference as guests work to establish a secure life for themselves in the UK. Let us know and we will extend the thank you payments, which continue for up to 12 months if you decide to continue to host. For those hosts unable to extend their sponsorship, we ask you to talk to your guests now and discuss their future plans.

Rematching to a new host

There are a number of options available for Ukrainians looking for a new host in the UK. You or your guest may already know someone who is able to host them, but they can also contact us or voluntary and community organisations for support.
The government has published advice on finding a new host and a list of organisations who can help guests find a match. It is important to contact them as soon as possible, to give the best chance of finding suitable new hosts.

Whatever you decide to do, at the six-month point, please inform us two months beforehand or as soon as possible after this point. It will allow us to offer help if your guest needs to find new accommodation. Likewise, please let us know if your guest wants to move to another area of the UK. If they want a new host in a different part of the UK to be eligible for the thank you payment, the council in the area they are moving to will need to agree to this before they move, so it is important that you tell us as your local council as soon as possible. We can then contact the new council on your guest’s behalf.

Moving into private rented accommodation

Many Ukrainians are now in a position where they want to live independently in their own rented accommodation. There is lots of support and advice available to help them to do this.

Government guidance can be found in English, Ukrainian and Russian here:

We have produced advice on finding private rented accommodation and general guidance on finding a home in Cherwell.

There is lots more general information on our Housing pages.
If after moving into the property there are disrepair or maintenance issues or tenancy-related concerns, these can be reported to our Housing Standards Team. Houses shared by three or more unrelated people are called HMOs and have additional legal safety requirements. Contact us if you have concerns about an HMO.

Applying to join the Housing Register

The housing register is the waiting list managed by the council to allocate available social housing in Cherwell. Social housing is designed to be affordable accommodation for households who do not have the resources to buy their own homes or rent privately, or who have specialist housing needs, for example a disability or higher support need.

Housing supply is very limited in Oxfordshire and the situation is challenging. Unfortunately, there is no spare social housing capacity available as there is extremely high demand for social housing in Cherwell. We continue to work as hard as possible to support all applicants to the housing register, but we must advise applicants to expect significant waiting times. Those at risk of homelessness must explore all other available housing options. It is unlikely a nomination to a social tenancy will ever resolve a crisis situation.

Guests wishing to join the Housing Register should do so at the earliest opportunity and also consider rematching to a new host sponsor in the meantime.

Click here for more information and to apply to join the Housing Register.

Homelessness and emergency accommodation

If you are at risk of losing your home we are here to give you advice and information to try and help resolve your housing situation before you become homeless. However we cannot always provide alternative accommodation or guarantee that you will not become homeless. 

Please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss the advice we can offer.

Temporary accommodation

We provide temporary accommodation to relive a crisis situation for people who are actually homeless.

Accommodation can often only be sorted out on the day. We will try to offer you the most suitable accommodation available within the district. Bed and breakfast style accommodation is sometimes used and this can be outside the local area.

This is accommodation is only for a short period and is not the same as a permanent home. If you’re in emergency accommodation, you will be moved to something more suitable as soon as possible. If you refuse or lose temporary accommodation it is unlikely you will be offered anything else.

If you’re not eligible for this, you may be able to get emergency accommodation from Oxford Homeless Pathway.

Your permanent home could be a privately rented tenancy, social housing or supported accommodation. The waiting time will depend on the needs of the household and what becomes available.

You will receive only one suitable offer. If you refuse this, our duty to provide you accommodation will end and you will be disqualified from the Housing Register for 6 months.

More information about homelessness prevention and housing options in Cherwell.