Good Cause Community Grant guidance

Appendix 2 - Privacy Notice

How the CDC Wellbeing team uses your information

The Council processes applications and makes decisions for the management of community funding programmes, draws up offer letters and associated terms and conditions and project manages the grant claim process and any project monitoring requirements both during and post-project completion.   In line with the Terms and Conditions of offer the Council in liaison with the grant recipient reserves the right to enter into publicity and press releases with regards to the project.

Who will have access to my personal data?

Council staff and Council Members involved in the grant application, decision-making and project monitoring processes

What information is processed?

In order to ratify that a grant applicant has a bank account set up in the organisation’s name, at the application stage, we record the account holder’s name, the branch address, sort code, account number and the name, address and contact details of the organisation/lead applicant.

Retention period

The Council will retain data for five years from the date of receipt of the application and thereafter all personal data to be redacted, leaving the organisation’s data only to be retained for a further period of five years.  Thereafter once the retention period has expired all documentation shall be securely disposed of by the Council. 

Summary of rights

In line with the administration of public funds and for transparency purposes, the Council is required to list the value of the grant, date awarded, grant recipient and project description in the public domain which will be published on the Council’s website. 

You have a number of statutory rights that are explained in the “Summary of the data subject’s rights” section detailed in our corporate Privacy Policy.  You can also request this information via email:

If you have any queries that are specific to this Grant Programme please contact

You have a number of statutory rights that are explained in the “Summary of the data subject’s rights" section of our Privacy statement.

You can also request this information via email: or by post:

information Governance Team
Cherwell District Council
Bodicote House
Oxfordshire, OX15 4AA

(Note: Individual terms and conditions may be added, where applicable).

If you have any queries specific to this Grant programme please contact