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Please note: due to some upcoming Royal Mail strikes, there may be a delay in the receipt of Welcome Packs (including the licence label) and therefore they may not arrive within the advised 28 days of ordering or renewing your subscription.  Thank you for your patience.

From 1 March 2022 we started charging for garden waste collections from your property. 

To subscribe to this service from 1 March 2023-29 February 2024 or to renew your current subscription, click on the button below.  To subscribe for the current subscription year, please contact our Customer Services team on 01295 227003

Sign up for this service 

By subscribing or renewing your subscription to the service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for this service. These should be read prior to completing the subscription form.

Please do not put food waste in your brown bin, this will be collected as part of our weekly food waste collections service.

Additional subscriptions

Please note that if you wish to purchase any further subscriptions, for example a second subscription, you will need to contact our Customer Services team on 01295 227003 so that they can process the payment for you.

Subscription prices

Sign-up dates 2023-24 subscription price Each additional bin for 2023-24
subscription cost

Before 1 March 2023

After 1 March 2023





The charge is payable once a year and the subscription(s) is/are valid from 1 March to the end of February the following year.

Subscription and bin label

From the time of ordering, please allow 28 days for the welcome pack to be delivered to you before contacting us. We can advise in the meantime that your garden waste will still be collected.

How to complete your label

Please write your address on your label(s) before you attach it to your brown bin(s) using a permanent marker pen. Once you receive your welcome pack, please read the letter carefully as this will give you instructions as to what to do next with placing the label on the bin(s).

If you have lost or damaged your subscription label you can request a replacement.

Cancelling your subscription

If you wish to cancel your payable garden waste subscription, please contact us by email or via the council website and provide one-month termination notice. You will still be charged for the year you have subscribed for (no refund will be given).

If you decide not to sign up to have your bin emptied, you can now request for your bin to be removed.  We will collect your unused brown bin within 21 days of booking.

Bin removal

If any bins that we remove are still in good condition, we reuse them. Any bins that are not in good condition or working order are collected and recycled into plastic pellets and used again to make new bins.

Your garden waste collection day

Your garden waste will be collected every other week. You can put your brown bin or bins out for collection along with your blue recycling bin and outdoor silver food waste caddy. 

Please ensure your brown bin or bins are placed outside for collection by 7am on your collection day and ensure the back of each bin is facing the road, which will then help our collection crews to easily see your subscription label. Remember to bring the bin or bins back in as soon as possible after collection. You can check your collection day on our website.

Check your collection day 

Missed collections

If the collection is missed, we will return to empty the bin in line with our current arrangements. In exceptionally inclement weather, the contents of the bin may freeze and it may not be possible to empty the bin. In these cases, we will not return until the next scheduled collection day.

Reasons for not collecting your brown bin

We will only be emptying brown bins that display a subscription label and no side waste will be taken. For safety reasons please ensure that the lid of your garden bin is closed.

If your garden waste bin is contaminated then we won't be able to empty your bin. You will be asked to remove the contamination (e.g. food, plastic bags) so it can be emptied on the next collection date.

Only bins showing the official licences will be emptied. Residents can purchase as many licences as they want for their property.

There may be occasions due to exceptionally inclement weather, bank holidays etc. when the collections will be suspended. Full details will be provided on our website if there are any interruptions to the service. No refunds will be given for unexpected disruptions to the service.

Assisted collections

If you are currently registered for the assisted collection service, and have subscribed to our garden waste collection service, then collections will continue as normal.

If you would like to enquire about setting up a new assisted collection, please contact our customer service team on 01295 227003.

Contact us online 

If you live in a flat

Please discuss this with your managing agent or landlord and ask them to contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Report a damaged or missing brown bin

Contact us if your brown bin has been damaged or is missing.

Report missing bin 

What happens to your garden waste?

The contents of your brown bin are taken to a composting site in Oxfordshire, where it is treated and composted, in just a few months. The compost is then used on local farmers’ fields. The process is called In–Vessel Composting. The garden waste must be composted at very high temperatures. This process allows the garden waste to be broken down, killing potentially harmful weeds or pathogens.

Ordering garden waste sacks

If you are unable to have a garden waste bin at your property (e.g. due to access issues) and would prefer to order garden waste sacks, the cost is £45.00 for 50 sacks.

Order garden sacks

On completion of your order, we will arrange for the sacks to be delivered to you.  Please note that ordering sacks is not a subscription and therefore is a one-off purchase.

Any questions?

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please get in touch.

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