Local Plan Part 1 Partial Review - Examination

Proposed Main Modification Consultation

Following the Examination Hearings in February 2019 and in response to the Inspector’s Post-Hearings Advice Note dated July 2019, the council has prepared a series of Proposed Main Modifications to the Partial Review of the Cherwell Local Plan. These Main Modifications address the issues of the Plan’s soundness raised by the Inspector.

Cherwell District Council is ONLY seeking comments on the Proposed Main Modifications to the Partial Review of the Cherwell Local Plan which comprise the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications and its supporting documents.

The consultation ran for six weeks between Friday 8 November 2019 and Friday 20 December 2019. Representations to the Main Modifications Consultation are available below.

Representations to the Main Modifications Consultation

The documents published for consultation are available below:

Statement of Representations Procedure and Fact
Guidance Notes for Making Representations - Nov 2019
Main Modifications Representation Form - PDF for printing
Main Modifications Representation Form - Word document
Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications (November 2019)
Schedule of Proposed Minor Modifications (November 2019)
Explanatory Note (November 2019)
PR104 Cherwell Green Belt Study Second Addendum (September 2019)
PR105 Cherwell Water Cycle Study Addendum (September 2019)
PR106 Ecological Advice Cumulative Impacts Addendum (September 2019)
PR107 Habitat Regulations Assessment Stage 1 and Stage 2 Addendum (September 2019)
PR108 Landscape Analysis for PR09 (September 2019)
PR109 Transport Assessment Addendum (September 2019)
PR110 Site Capacity Sense Check (September 2019)
PR111 Local Plan Viability Assessment Addendum (September 2019)
PR112 Site Policy PR7b Stratfield Farm Highways Update (September 2019)
PR113a Sustainability Appraisal Addendum Non-technical Summary (September 2019)
PR113b Sustainability Appraisal Addendum (September 2019)
PR114 Statement of Consultation Addendum (November 2019)
PR115 Duty to Cooperate Addendum (September 2019)
PR116 Developer Submission PR6a
PR117 Developer Submission PR6b
PR118 Developer Submission PR6c
PR119 Developer Submission PR7a
PR120 Developer Submission PR7b
PR121a Developer Submission PR8 – Newcore Capital Management
PR121b Developer Submission PR8 – Smith and Smith
PR121c Developer Submission PR8 – The Tripartite
PR122 Developer Submission PR9
PR123 Developer Submission PR10
PR124 Additional Information on the Significance of Trees
PR125 Equality Impact Assessment (September 2019)