How to minimise noise

Advice on parties

Please think about the following if you intend to have a party:

  • Hold the party somewhere where your neighbours will not hear the music eg hire a hall.
  • Warn your surrounding neighbours in advance.
  • Don't think that because your neighbours have been pre-warned you can be as loud as you wish.
  • Give your neighbours a finishing time and a contact telephone number if they need to let you know of a problem.
  • Keep music levels down, especially the bass.
  • Think carefully about where you put the speakers, to minimise sound breakout.
  • If you start the party outdoors reduce the music volume as the evening progresses - take the party inside, close windows and doors and check the noise level from the outside - if you can hear it outside it's probably too loud.
  • Don't invite too many people for the size of your property and make sure you know your guests, so that you can trust them, as you will be responsible for them.
  • Ask your guests to leave quietly.
  • Don't have parties too often.
  • It’s a myth that that you are allowed to play loud music before 11:00pm. The law requires neighbourly and considerate behaviour at all times.