How to minimise noise

Most noise is not subject to a maximum noise level and every complaint that we receive is investigated on a case by case basis due to so many factors involved.

General advice includes:

  • Site noisy household equipment (eg washing machines) away from partition walls.
  • When buying a new household appliance, choose quieter household appliances where possible and position them to cause the least disturbance to your neighbours. Use 'Quiet Mark' to select a quiet appliance.
  • Keep the volume of TV, radio and music as low as possible, especially late at night.
  • If your dog barks when left alone, arrange to leave it with a friend.
  • Alarm owners (car and intruder) - keep them well maintained, have keyholders available and register intruder alarms with us.
  • If using fireworks for a celebration, tell your neighbours in advance.
  • Musicians - consider which room you practice in and the time of day that will cause the least disturbance.
  • When taking a taxi late at night or early morning, ask the driver to knock rather than sound the horn.