How to minimise noise

Advice on DIY

If you are undertaking DIY activities that are likely to generate some noise the following advice may be helpful:

  • Inform your neighbours. Give them an indication of what work is being done and how long the works will last. Often, it is the uncertainty about the noise which worries people the most.
  • Have regard to your neighbour's circumstances. Do they have young children who go to bed early during the week? If so, negotiate to work longer during the weekend.
  • Have you got the right equipment? Sometimes, more powerful equipment will actually help solve the noise problem.
  • Ensure your equipment is maintained. Proper maintenance will reduce noise and increase your safety.
  • Keep the volume of music down. 
  • If possible (allowing for dust and fumes) please try to keep doors and windows closed.
  • Serious problems eg water leaks or electrical faults can mean people have to make noise at unsocial hours. However, is there another way to solve the problem? eg turn the water off so the leak is repaired the next day. If you have to work at unsocial hours, tell your neighbours why.