Housing Standards

Landlords need to ensure their rented properties are maintained in good repair and free from serious health and safety hazards. Homes should be warm and meet minimum energy efficiency standards.

If a landlord uses an agent they will need a clear agreement about who is responsible for dealing with repair issues. Any lettings agent must be a member of an approved redress scheme, and have client money protection.

If tenants experience problems with getting repairs done, they can report issues to us. We have a range of enforcement powers. Tenants can also ask a solicitor about making a civil claim for damage or inconvenience, or if the house is not fit for human habitation. In certain cases tenants may also be able to apply for rent repayment orders and and we may be able to help.

All landlords and agents should know their rights and responsibilities and have suitable arrangements in place to deal with repair issues promptly, including access to adequate funds. Good landlords and agents typically have contacts in place with local builders and contractors to avoid unnecessary delays.

Landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) have extra responsibilities, and HMOs with five or more tenants must have a licence and meet prescribed HMO standards. We will investigate investigate HMOs if they are unlicensed, poorly managed or in disrepair.