Countryside walks and health routes

Health Routes in Banbury

Three new walking routes have been installed in Banbury as part of the district council’s commitment to improving physical and mental wellbeing in the town.

Previously trialled in Bicester, through the Healthy New Town initiative, the Banbury Shape Trails are marked routes, designed to help connect communities and encourage residents to walk or cycle for shorter journeys.

After consultation with community groups and public services throughout the last year (2021), the routes have now been installed in Grimsbury and Ruscote, Bretch Hill and Neithrop.  Banbury Town Council and Cherwell District Council will also be installing more benches around the routes in the coming months.

The project in Banbury is being funded through the government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund, which provides financial help to local authorities to reduce the spread of coronavirus and support local public health.

In Grimsbury, the 5K health walk connects St Leonard’s School and the Dashwood Academy to Moorfield Park. There is also a ‘cut through’ making a shorter walk if wanted.

A further two routes in Banbury form a figure-of-eight, running through Ruscote, Bretch Hill, and Neithrop. The northern 5K loop includes William Morris Primary School and Hill View Primary School. The southern 3K circuit connects Princess Diana Park with Stanbridge Park.

Both routes meet around Orchard Fields Community School and St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School, allowing families to choose which circuit to take or to join them up for a longer 6.5K walk.

The routes are marked with a combination of marks on the ground and signs.  There are also fun elements on the trails and opportunities for mini-workouts.

Take a look at our downloadable maps to plan your next walk!