Change of Circumstances

You must tell us in writing if any of your circumstances change

If you do not, you may lose money or you might have to pay back an overpayment.

Changes include if:

  • You or your partner start, leave or change jobs
  • You go off sick
  • Yours or your partner’s income or your average earnings or hours change
  • Your private pension increases or you withdraw any lump sums
  • Your savings increase or reduce
  • You open or close any bank accounts
  • Your rent changes 
  • Anyone moves in or out of your property
  • The income of anyone else living at home changes, such as adult children
  • A new baby is born
  • You are absent from home for more than a month
  • You or your partner become a student
  • You have an interest in, or sell any valuable property such a second home
  • Your child care arrangements change
  • Any of your children leave school or start higher education

If you are not sure whether a change is relevant, you should report it anyway.

Change in circumstances form