Bicester Garden Town - Health

New models of care

The third workstream of the Healthy Bicester aims to re-shape health, wellbeing and care services, and the infrastructure which supports them, to achieve health benefits, including health services, social care, leisure and recreation services, and community centres.

A residents’ survey was initially conducted to better understand local health needs and the barriers and enablers to healthy behaviour. This identified that people with long term conditions and carers were at higher risk of obesity and of social isolation. As a result the programme has targeted diabetes prevention and management as a key focus, piloting a new integrated model of care for patients which enables clinicians in secondary care, community services and primary care to work more effectively to manage the diabetes population in the town.

Other initiatives support prevention by informing residents about how they can better care for themselves, using the Healthy Bicester Facebook page to promote online resources and information about local services that promote health and wellbeing.