Bicester Garden Town - Health

The built environment

As well as considering the health impacts of planning applications, the programme has sought to design health into the urban environment, nudging residents to become active and to connect with their neighbours.

Several Healthy Bicester infrastructure projects have formed the building blocks of Bicester Garden Town, by encouraging active, sustainable travel, connecting communities and encouraging residents to embrace the green spaces around them. These include:

  • 5K Blue Line Health Routes - these sociable circuits located in Bicester West, North East Bicester and Langford have enabled residents to explore their neighbourhoods by foot, introducing them to green spaces on their doorstep.
  • A range of cycle routes throughout the town.
  • Outdoor Gyms – fitness hubs have been installed at various locations in Bicester, providing a free place to work out. The TGO activate app can be used on both the blue lines and outdoor gyms to track physical exercise. Download the App.
  • Wayfinding Scheme – monoliths have been erected at points throughout Bicester encouraging visitors and residents to actively travel by bike and foot around the town, by detailing approximate distance and time taken to travel. These are complimented by fingerposts, also stating travel times for foot and cycles to key destinations around Bicester.
  • Dr Bike – a monthly bike maintenance scheme, offers residents a free service, encouraging cycling in the town.