Bicester Garden Town - Health

Community activation and health and wellbeing

Healthy Bicester Programme

Community activation aims to support all of us to make healthy choices in our daily lives, being active, eating healthily and feeling safe and well connected.

The Healthy Bicester programme works closely with a wide range of partners including schools, businesses, health and care providers, the voluntary sector, housing developers and academic partners, with Cherwell District Council acting as the lead organisation. Together the partners co-design and deliver a programme of initiatives that will support residents to promote their health and wellbeing and to feel a sense of belonging to their community.

Activity is often focused on increasing the capacity of new and existing community groups, by connecting partners with each other, and increasing the strength of social networks in the town. Regular meetings and conferences take place throughout the year to encourage engagement and feedback. 

Engagement with residents has been crucial to the success of the health branch of the Garden Town project, with residents encouraged to take part and feedback on the council’s dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages.