Council Tax: £150 energy rebate

Energy rebate discretionary fund

Energy rebate discretionary fund (updated 3 October 2022)

Our Council Tax Energy Rebate Discretionary Scheme is now available. Our scheme is designed to support households who are in need but are not eligible for the Council Tax Rebate as they occupy properties in Council Tax bands E to H and are on Council Tax and those customers in council tax bands A to D and in receipt of Council Tax Reduction. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Group 1
    Households who are not eligible for the Council Tax Rebate as they occupy properties in council tax bands E to H and are in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022 will receive a payment of £180.00

  • Group 2
    Households who occupy properties that fall into council tax bands A to D that have received a £150.00 through the mandatory scheme and are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction will receive a top up payment of £30.00

How will the payment be made?

  • Payments will be made direct to the liable council tax payer using the live direct debit information held against the eligible household. Payments will show as CDCENERGYCTR on your bank statement between Tuesday, 27 September and Thursday 29 September 2022.
  • If the payment is a top up to those customers in A to D bands and in receipt Council Tax Reduction the payment will be credited to the bank details that have previously credited with the £150.00.
  • Should an eligible household not have a live direct debit the funds will credited to the households council tax account.  A revised Council Tax bill will be issued to confirm this action has taken place. The credit will be included in the total payments detail in the section marked ‘Less Payments’ on the bill
  • If you require a refund please complete our online application for a Council Tax refund form.  Please allow 15 working days for receipt of your refund.

You will not need to apply for these payments as eligible households have been identified.  If you have not received confirmation that you have received your discretionary energy payment by end October 2022, please contact our Customer Services team.

View our Discretionary Energy Fund Policy