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How to apply for a dropped kerb

How to apply

If you wish to install a dropped kerb at your property there are two things you need to do. 

  1. Check with Cherwell District Council (the Local Planning Authority) whether Planning Permission is required for the works. 

  2. Apply to Oxfordshire Highways Authority for permission to drop the kerb and create access from the highway.  

Step 1 - Cherwell District Council 

To enquire as to whether Planning Permission is required for the work, you will need to complete a Vehicle Access Enquiry Form. The form is designed to help you give us the information we need, so that we can tell you whether the work will require Planning Permission or not. 

We will need to know two things: 

  1. Whether the road to which the access or dropped kerb is to be installed is a ‘Trunk’ or ‘Classified road’. This information is available on the Oxfordshire County Council highways register.
  2. Whether the work is associated with any other improvements, such as the laying or improving of hardstanding, or the widening of a wall or fence opening to improve access, or any other alteration or improvement to the property. 

Once you have the information noted above, please complete and submit it on a Vehicle access enquiry form.

When we receive your Form, we will aim to respond within 10 working days. 

Please note: Oxfordshire Highway Authority will require proof that you have made this enquiry to us, and of our response before they give you permission to drop the kerb.

Step 2 – Oxfordshire Highways Authority 

Permission will be required from Oxfordshire Highways Authority to improve access to the highway or do works to it, whether that involves dropping the kerb, crossing a footpath in front of your house or creating a new access from it. 

They have their own procedure you will need to follow (regardless as to whether you need Planning Permission from Cherwell District Council or not).

More details, including fees and application form can be found on the Oxfordshire Highways dropped kerbs webpage.