Order or replace a bin

Order bins

For individual houses, we provide the following:

  • Green bin for rubbish
  • Blue bin for recycling
  • Brown bin for garden and food waste

Extra blue and brown bins are available for an extra charge.

Due to the forthcoming changes to our brown bins service, we will no longer be selling additional brown bins from 1 September 2021.

For more information about the changes, please visit food and garden waste collections.

Order forms

  • Order your first bins
    This form is for if you have just moved into a property and have no bins or some bins are missing.
  • Order additional bins
    Use this form if there are bins at the property already and you require more bins.

Please note: If you live in a flat and are ordering bins, please ask your Managing Agent, Landlord or Housing Association to contact us as we require further information that residents often do not know the answer to. If you do not have a Managing Agent, Landlord or Housing Association, then please contact us.

Email us

Damaged bins

If your bins are damaged we will replace or repair them for free.