Village will vote on neighbourhood plan

People living in Deddington will go to the polls to vote on future development in their parish on Thursday, 2 May.

Published: Tuesday, 16th April 2024

In February, Cherwell District Council’s executive approved the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan to go to a referendum. The vote is on the same day as the local council elections and the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election.

The Deddington Neighbourhood Plan was prepared by Deddington Parish Council and identifies land for new homes, green space, and a nursery. It also contains policies on zero carbon building and superfast broadband.

Ian Boll, Corporate Director for Communities, said: “Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to help shape where new homes, shops and places of work could be built. If approved by residents, a neighbourhood plan will help them shape the parish’s future in a way that meets their needs.”

Anyone who lives in the plan area and is registered to vote can vote in the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan referendum on 2 May.

Eligible electors will receive a separate poll card, and postal voters will receive a separate postal vote pack. The referendum count will take place on Friday, 3 May, and the result will be available on the council website in the early evening.

Voters in the parish are reminded of a number of key dates, which also apply to the local council and PCC elections. People must register to vote by 11:59pm today, Tuesday, 16 April. If they want a postal vote, the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, 17 April. For proxy votes and Voter Authority Certificates, the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, 24 April.

If the parishioners’ referendum vote backs the neighbourhood plan, it becomes part of Cherwell’s statutory development plan and is brought into effect by the district council. It would be considered when determining planning applications in the parish.

People can find out further details about the referendum and where to access paper copies of the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan and other related documents here.

Deddington Neighbourhood Plan referendum

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