Good causes urged to strike it lucky with funding opportunity

Local good causes are encouraged to take advantage of a grant scheme that supports projects that benefit Cherwell residents and communities.

Published: Friday, 2nd February 2024

An image of the Cherwell Lottery launch event in 2019

The Cherwell Lottery, a fundraising scheme run by Cherwell District Council, celebrated the new year by announcing its Good Cause Community Grant has opened applications for 2024.

The grant, launched in October 2020, is financed by the Cherwell Lottery central fund, funded through lottery ticket sales. The 2024 grant has £10,000 available.

Groups registered as Cherwell Lottery good causes can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 to support revenue or capital projects that meet one or more of Cherwell Lottery’s ‘healthy, resilient and engaged communities’ funding priorities.

Councillor Phil Chapman, Portfolio Holder for Healthy and Safe Communities, said: “I want to thank all the people that take part in the lottery as players. Each ticket you buy really does make a difference to the lives of our residents and communities.

“Thanks to the funds raised by our players, local groups and organisations registered as lottery good causes can continue with their worthwhile work that benefits and supports everyone across the district.

“With our 2024 grant now accepting applications, I encourage any group registered as a Cherwell Lottery good cause to apply if they need help developing any current or future projects.”

The closing date for applications is Friday, 23 February 2024.

Full details and project eligibility can be requested by email from grant has now closed.

When they buy their tickets, players can choose either to donate to the central fund, which finances the grant, or to donate directly to a named organization of their choice.

Over 80 local causes have benefited from the money raised through ticket sales since the lottery was established in 2019, including school PTAs, sports clubs, community groups and charities.

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