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Strategic Development

The Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the consultation and engagement processes that will be used when the Council is considering Planning Applications.

For large-scale applications* details of the proposals, links to further information, including the opportunity to comment are provided here. 

Application Sites

Application Number: 22/03873/F

Location: Land North And Adjacent To Mill Lane, Stratton Audley

Proposal: Installation and operation of a renewable energy generating station comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays and battery-based electricity storage containers together with a switchgear container, inverter/transformer units, Site access, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure and landscaping and biodiversity enhancements.

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Application Number: 22/03452/F

Location: OS Parcel 6920 East Of Oxford Road And Adjoining And South Of Canal Lane, Bodicote

Proposal: Erection of new 128-bed residential care home (Use Class C2) together with associated access, parking and landscaping

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Application Number: 22/02866/OUT

Location: Land East Of Ploughley Road, Ambrosden

Proposal: OUTLINE planning application for up to 120 dwellings, vehicular and pedestrian access off Ploughley Road, new pedestrian access to West Hawthorn Road, surface water drainage, foul water drainage, landscaping, public open space, biodiversity and associated infrastructure. Access off Ploughley Road is not reserved for future consideration

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Application Number: 22/03063/F

Location: Land East Of Larsen Road, Heyford Park

Proposal: Erection of 126 dwellings with access from Camp Road, provision of public open space and associated infrastructure.

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Application Number: 21/03558/OUT

Location: Land On The North East Side Of Gavray Drive, Bicester

Proposal: OUTLINE - Residential development for up to 250 dwellings including affordable housing and ancillary uses including retained Local Wildlife Site, public open space, play areas, localised land remodelling, compensatory flood storage, structural planting and access

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Application Number: 21/03639/F

Location: Os Parcels 6741 And 5426 West Cricket Field North, Wykham Lane, Bodicote

Proposal: Replan of the western part of the residential development permitted through Reserved Matters application 19/00895/REM for the delivery of 107 dwellings

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Application Number: 21/04275/OUT

Location: Part OS Parcel 8149 Adj Lords Lane And SE Of Hawkwell Farm, Lords Lane, Bicester

Proposal: OUTLINE - with all matters reserved except for Access - Mixed Use Development of up to 3,100 dwellings (including extra care); residential and care accommodation(C2); mixed use local centre (comprising commercial, business and service uses, residential uses, C2 uses, local community uses (F2(a) and F2(b)), hot food takeaways, public house, wine bar); employment area (B2, B8, E(g)); learning and non-residential institutions (Class F1) including primary school (plus land to allow extension of existing Gagle Brook primary school); green Infrastructure including formal (including playing fields) and informal open space, allotments, landscape, biodiversity and amenity space; burial ground; play space (including Neaps/Leaps/MUGA); changing facilities; ground mounted photovoltaic arrays; sustainable drainage systems; movement network comprising new highway, cycle and pedestrian routes and access from highway network; car parking; infrastructure (including utilities); engineering works (including ground modelling); etc

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Application Number: 21/04289/OUT

Location: OS Parcel 1570 Adjoining And West Of Chilgrove Drive And Adjoining And North Of Camp Road, Heyford Park

Proposal: Outline planning application for the erection of up to 230 dwellings, creation of new vehicular access from Camp Road and all associated works with all matters reserved apart from Access

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Application Number: 22/01144/F

Location: OS Parcel 5700 South West Of Grange Farm, Street Through Little Chesterton, Chesterton

Proposal: Full planning application for the erection of a new high quality combined research, development and production facility comprising of Class B2 floorspace and ancillary office floorspace with associated infrastructure including: formation of signal-controlled vehicular access to the A41 and repositioning of existing bus stops; ancillary workshops; staff gym and canteen; security gate house; a building for use as an energy centre (details of the energy generation reserved for future approval); loading bays; service yard; waste management area; external plant;

vehicle parking; landscaping including permanent landscaped mounds; sustainable drainage details; together with the demolition of existing

agricultural buildings within the red line boundary; and the realignment of an existing watercourse.

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Application Number: 22/01488/OUT

Location: OS Parcel 5616 South West Of Huscote Farm And East Of Daventry Road, Banbury

Proposal: Construction of up to 140,000 sq m of employment floorspace (use class B8 with ancillary offices and facilities) and servicing and infrastructure including new site accesses, internal roads and footpaths, landscaping including earthworks to create development platforms and bunds, drainage features and other associated works including demolition of the existing farmhouse

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Application Number: 22/01682/F

Location: Land North Of Manor Farm, Noke

Proposal: Development of a ground mounted solar farm incorporating the installation of solar PV panels, associated infrastructure, and access, as well as landscape planting and designated ecological enhancement areas.

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Application Number: 22/01715/OUT

Location:Land South Of Perdiswell Farm, Shipton Road, Shipton On Cherwell

Proposal: Construction of up to 500 dwellings with associated access, open space and infrastructure

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Application Number: 22/01340/OUT

Location:Os Parcel 6124 East Of Baynards Green Farm, Street To Horwell Farm, Baynards Green

Proposal: Application for outline planning permission (all matters reserved except means of access (not internal roads) from b4100) for the erection of buildings comprising logistics (use class b8) and ancillary offices (use class e(g)(i)) floorspace; energy centre, hgv parking, construction of new site access from the b4100; creation of internal roads and access routes; hard and soft landscaping; the construction of parking and servicing areas; substations and other associated infrastructure.

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Application Number: 22/01683/F

Location:Unit 7, Oxford Technology Park, Langford Lane, Kidlington

Proposal: Development within Use Classes E (g) (i), and/or (ii), and/or (iii), and/or B2 and/or B8 and Associated Works including Access and Parking

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Application Number: 22/01611/OUT

Location:Stratfield Farm, 374 Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1DL

Proposal: Outline planning application for up to 118 no dwellings (all matters reserved except for access) with vehicular access from Oxford Road

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Application Number: 22/02101/OUT

Location:Land Adjoining Withycombe Farmhouse, Stratford Road A422, Drayton

Proposal: Outline planning application for a residential development comprising up to 250 dwellings (with up to 30% affordable housing), public open space, landscaping and associated supporting infrastructure. Means of vehicular access to be determined via Edinburgh Way, with additional pedestrian and cycle connections via Dover Avenue and Balmoral Avenue. Emergency access provision also via Balmoral Avenue. All other matters reserved

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Application Number: 22/00747/OUT

Location: Land At Bicester Road, Kidlington

Proposal: Outline planning application for the development of up to 370 homes, public open space (including play areas and woodland planting), sports pitches and pavilion, drainage and engineering works, with all matters reserved (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) except for vehicular and emergency accesses to Bicester Road.

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Application Number: 22/02068/REM

Location: OS Parcel 7400 Adjoining And South Of Salt Way, Bodicote

Proposal: Reserved Matters to 14/01932/OUT: Parcels 1 and 3 for 240 dwellings - appearance, landscaping, layout and scale

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Application Number: 22/02357/REM

Location: Drayton Lodge Farmhouse, Warwick Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX17 1HJ

Proposal: Reserved Matters approval for 320 dwellings together with landscaping, public open space, playing fields, allotments, and associated infrastructure pursuant to Planning Permission 22/00487/F. The outline planning application was not EIA development.

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Application Number: 22/01829/OUT

Location: Unit D1 Graven Hill, Circular Road, Ambrosden

Proposal: ‘Outline (fixing ‘Access’ only) – redevelopment of Graven Hill D1 Site, including demolition of existing buildings, development of B8 ‘Storage or Distribution’ use comprising up to 104,008 sq. m (GIA), creation of open space and associated highway works, ground works, sustainable drainage systems, services infrastructure and associated works.’

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Application Number: 22/03877/F

Location: Hatch End Old Poultry Farm, Steeple Aston Road, Middle Aston, OX25 5QL

Proposal: Erection of three industrial buildings, replacement of former scout hut building and associated works

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Application Number: 23/00173/OUT

Location: Land South Of Green Lane, Chesterton

Proposal: Outline planning application for up to 147 homes, public open space, flexible recreational playing field area and sports pitches with associated car parking, alongside landscaping, ecological enhancements, SuDs, green/blue and hard infrastructure, with vehicular and pedestrian/cycle accesses, and all associated works (all matters reserved except for means of access)

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Application Number: 23/00382/F

Location: Unit 6A, Oxford Technology Park, Langford Lane, Kidlington

Proposal: Variation of Conditions 2 (Plans) & 13 (Total Floor Space) of 22/02647/F - Permission for additional floor space at mezzanine level within Unit 6A.

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Application Number: 23/00390/F

Location: E P Barrus Ltd, Launton Road, Bicester, OX26 4UR

Proposal: The erection of an industrial Rubb storage building, extension of the existing industrial building to create a new visitor reception, external alterations to elevations, reconfiguration of the existing open service yard and car park, provision of photovoltaic (PV) panels on roof and associated landscaping and works

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* Definition of Strategic Development (Table 7 page 23 of the SCI 2021)

  • Strategic Development Residential Development - Proposals for 100 dwellings or more
  • Commercial Development (Employment, retail and leisure) - Proposals where the application site measures 0.2ha or more
  • Other development (school sites, agricultural development) - Proposals where the application site measures 0.2ha or more
  • Mixed use development - The lower threshold of residential, commercial or other development.