Statement of community involvement

The purpose of the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is to set out who the council will engage with in the preparation of its planning policy documents and how and when they will be engaged. The SCI also includes how the council will consult on planning applications. Its aim is to encourage community and stakeholder involvement and set out clear expectations of the council.

The SCI 2016 was adopted by Cherwell District Council on Monday 18 July 2016.

As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak the Council is making some temporary amendments to the SCI 2016. The purpose of the SCI Addendum is to reflect latest government planning advice in response to COVID-19 and make public reasonable steps to help the involvement of those in our community who may experience difficulties getting involved in the planning process through the internet.

The SCI Addendum was approved by the Council's Executive on 6 July 2020 and should be read alongside the adopted SCI 2016.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the SCI Addendum online, they can contact the Planning Policy Team for assistance on 01295 227985 or email