Older person housing

There are specialist housing models designed exclusively for people over 55 years old. They can incorporate elements of personal care and are specially designed to cater to the needs of people as they get older.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered accommodation is the model with the lowest level of formal care available in a residential setting. It is the most independent of the specialised housing options, and provides the most freedom. Your care needs are assessed before take-up to prove that you require the specialist care services

To apply you must complete the Homechoice application form to join the housing register to be considered for sheltered housing. Anyone can apply but you will have to pass a sheltered need assessment.

Documentary proof will be requested. This can include proof of:

  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Right to remain in this country
  • Local connection with Cherwell

We will only request relevant documentation and aim to process your application for sheltered housing within 20 working days as long as you have provided all the information we need.

Extra Care

Extra Care housing provides independent living in self-contained accommodation within a larger complex. Some level of communal facilities and care staff are provided on site.

Care home

Nursing care accommodation is the model with the highest level of care and support provided in a residential setting. Properties will generally consist of independent bedrooms within a much larger communal environment with care staff on site 24 hours a day. This type of property is accessed through Social Services.