Brownfield land register

We are required to publish a Brownfield Land Register and review it at least once a year. The register must be kept in two parts:

Part 1 – Brownfield (previously developed) sites which are considered to be suitable, available and achievable for residential development. Sites which must be included are those with an area of at least 0.25 hectares or are capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings. Development should be achievable within 15 years.

Sites are considered for Part 1 of the register having regard to a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) and annual monitoring. Further information and how to submit sites for consideration are available in our HELAA section.

Part 2 – Allows us to 'allocate' sites from Part 1 of the register and grant ‘Permission in Principle’. This is subject to a prescribed process of publicity, notification and consultation prior to us making a decision. Permission in Principle is limited to the location, land use and amount of development. It can only be granted for housing-led developments. An application for 'Technical Details Consent' must be applied for and granted before development can proceed.

Brownfield Land Registers