Cherwell Lottery

Lottery balls

In July 2019, Cherwell District Council will launch the Cherwell Community Lottery - a fundraising mechanism for local groups, societies and charities.

The Cherwell Community lottery will enable participating local groups (‘good cause partners’) to benefit directly from tickets bought by their supporters. The council wants to ensure that the lottery benefits as many local good causes as possible, including ‘grassroots’ groups in towns and villages across the district.

The Cherwell Community Lottery will be an efficient, ‘admin-light’ way for local not-for-profit groups to raise money and engage supporters. A guaranteed fifty percent of each £1 ticket sale goes to the local good cause partner (a further ten percent goes into a centrally held good cause fund). Participating groups will be provided with a dedicated page on the lottery website, and bespoke branded materials to help raise awareness and drive ticket sales.

The attraction for ticket buyers is that supporting a local good cause provides an opportunity to win cash prizes. Every week ticket buyers have a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize, and the top prize is £25,000. Applying to be a participating ‘good cause’ is FREE and in the lead-up to launch, we have a dedicated team to make this process even easier.

You can purchase tickets and check winning numbers from the Cherwell Lottery website.