Make a housing benefit claim

Make a claim

If you need help with your rent, you should claim this via Universal Credit unless you are in one of the following groups:

  • live in supported accommodation
  • live in temporary accommodation
  • you, and your partner (if applicable) are both of pensionable age;
  • you are a member of a mixed age couple and you have been continuously in receipt of Housing Benefit or Pension Credit since 15 May 2019.

If any of these apply, you will still be able to claim Housing Benefit to help with your rent. You can apply if you’re employed or unemployed, but if you live with a partner only one of you can get Housing Benefit.

Use the benefits calculator to check your potential Housing Benefit entitlement or contact us on 01295 227002 

Usually you won’t get Housing Benefit if:

  • your savings are over £16,000 - unless you get Guarantee Credit of Pension Credit
  • you live in the home of a close relative
  • you’re a full-time student - unless you’re disabled or have children
  • you’re residing in the UK as a European Economic Area jobseeker
  • you’re an asylum seeker or sponsored to be in the UK
  • you’re subject to immigration control and your granted leave states that you can’t claim public funds
  • you are in receipt of Universal Credit

The benefit cap puts a limit on the total amount of Housing Benefit that most working age people (over 16 but not have not yet reached state pension age) can get.

You can claim still Council Tax Reduction for help with your Council Tax from the Council if you are on a low income. This is not included in Universal Credit. 

Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction claim

Make a Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax Reduction claim

Please be aware the online claim form can be slow at busy times of the day. Please be patient when completing the form and use the save function on each page. This will enable you to return to the form at a quieter time of the day if required. When submitting the form leave the page open until it has confirmed the submission is complete.

We recommend using the online form as the quickest method to claim, however a paper form is available upon request by emailing

Supporting documents

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to provide more information to support your application for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

  • Please ask your landlord to complete the payment to landlord form if you would like Housing Benefit paid directly to your landlord.
  • If you wish us to discuss your claim with anyone other than yourself please complete the authority to discuss form.
  • You can ask your employer to complete a certificate of earnings form if you do not receive wage slips or these have been lost or misplaced.
  • Please complete a self-employed pro-forma if you are a self-employed person. Do not complete this form if you are a company director.
  • Please complete second property questionnaire if you have an interest in a property other than your normal home (including any former matrimonial property)
  • You can also download a copy of our BACS form if you would like to change the method of payment or change the bank account that your benefit is paid into

Authority to discuss form

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we need your permission to discuss your claim or accounts with anyone else. We will not discuss these with anyone unless we have your written authority.

To be absolutely clear with what we can discuss please indicate on this form by ticking each box. If you do not give permission by ticking we will not discuss this information.

With your permission we will be able to share information with your landlord or any other third person you nominate.

Complete authority to discuss form

Change of circumstances form

You must tell us of any changes in your circumstances as soon as possible. You must provide evidence of the change. If you don’t tell the benefit section about a change in your circumstances action may be taken against you, which may include a fine or court action. The main things that the council needs to know:

  • Changes in the income or capital of your family and yourself
  • Changes in the circumstances of any one of your non-dependents
  • If your rent changes
  • If anyone moves into or out of your home
  • If you move house – even if it is only temporary
  • If you or your partner are temporarily absent from your home
  • If you marry, become widowed, divorced or separated
  • If you or any of your family are admitted to hospital
  • If any of your children leave school or college
  • If you start or stop paying for childcare or the amount you pay changes However, tell us about any change in your circumstances that you believe may affect your benefit entitlement.

Change of circumstances online form

Employer's certificate of earnings

Ask your employer to complete a certificate of earnings form if you do not receive wage slips or these have been lost or misplaced.

Employer's certificate of earnings online form

Landlord questionnaire

We have recently received an application for Housing benefit from your tenant. Please complete this questionnaire with regards to their tenancy.

Landlord questionnaire online form

Tenant questionnaire

We are in the process of calculating your claim/change in circumstances for Housing/Council Tax Benefit. To enable us to correctly calculate your claim we need some further information from you.

Tenant questionnaire online form

Second property questionnaire

Second property online form

Self-employed earnings certificate

Self-employed earnings certificate online form

Prescribed benefits list

If you are In receipt of a DWP benefit we can ask them to recover the overpayment from the your weekly benefit payments.

List of prescribed benefits

DEA employer information leaflet

The Welfare Reform Act 2012, which became law in March 2012, allows local authorities to ask you, as an employer to make deductions directly from a customer’s earnings. We do this by asking you to operate a Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA). Please see the following information about direct earnings attachment together with FAQ.

About direct earnings attachment