Other benefits

There’s a wide range of benefits that you and your family could receive. Use an online calculator to check which benefits you are entitled to.

Citizens Advice can give you more information and help you apply for benefits.  If you need help but have no phone credit - call 0808 278 7906 - free for landlines and mobiles.


If you are working age and out of work you could claim:

Please note that for some people, Universal Credit is currently replacing the above benefits.


Pensioners on a low income can receive:


If you have problems getting around and/or you need help with your personal care needs:


Carers are entitled to receive:


If you are responsible for children you can claim:

Low paid work

If you are in low paid work of over a certain number of hours (16, 24 or 30 per week, depending on your circumstances) you could receive:

Working Tax Credit (including help with child care costs)