Local Housing Allowance

About Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

LHA is a way of working out how much housing benefit you can get to help pay rent if you have a private landlord. (LHA doesn’t apply to Housing Associations)

The amount of LHA you receive is calculated using the number of people who live in your home. One bedroom is allowed for each of the following:

  • an adult couple
  • another person aged 16 or over
  • any two children of the same sex up to the age of 16
  • any two children regardless of sex under the age of 10
  • any other child

An extra bedroom can be allowed if you:

  • have a foster child or children
  • have a severely disabled child who needs their own room
  • or your partner are disabled and a carer provides regular overnight care
  • have a child who is away on duty with the armed forces and intends to return home

Use the LHA bedroom calculator to find the maximum number of rooms you can claim for.

Local Housing Allowance Rates 2023

Cherwell District Council is split between two rental area’s, Cherwell Valley and Oxford. The Rent Service sets Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for each area. The Broad Rental Market Area LHA rates for these areas are:

Cherwell Valley

Number of bedrooms Weekly LHA amount Monthly equivalent
Shared bedroom rate £78.02 £338.09
1 bedroom rate £149.59 £648.22
2 bedroom rate £178.36 £772.89
3 bedroom rate £207.12 £897.52
4 bedroom rate £298.61 £1,293.98


Number of bedrooms Weekly LHA rate Monthly equivalent
Shared room rate £118.87 £515.10
1 bedroom rate £178.36 £772.89
2 bedroom rate £210.00 £910.00
3 bedroom rate £253.15 £1,096.98
4 bedroom rate £364.77 £1,580.67

To find out which local rate applies to you enter your postcode in the link below:

To claim Housing Benefit fill in this form.

Housing Benefit claim form

Any further questions about Local Housing Allowance call 01295 227002.