Disrepair at a neighbouring property

Statutory nuisance

If a neighbouring property appears to be in disrepair or having an adverse effect on your property you should always start by talking to your neighbour. Approach your neighbour in a friendly manner and politely explain your concerns. Depending on the circumstances, you may wish to consider mediation or taking your own action. If your neighbour's property continue to have an adverse effect on you and your property, this may be a statutory nuisance.

Private rented properties

If the property is being privately rented, we recommend you speak to the tenants in the first instance. Then, if no action is taken you should consider contacting the landlord or agent. If the landlord or agent fails to respond or carry out any necessary work after a reasonably time period, contact Private Sector Housing for assistance.

Dangerous structures

If the property structure is dangerous, eg a chimney is at risk of collapse, contact Building Control.

High hedges

Planning have powers to deal with complaints about high hedges.