Planning enforcement

High hedges

Complaints about high hedges

If you are troubled by a neighbour's hedge, the first thing to do is to talk to them about the problem to try and reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Remember that whether or not there is a hedge between you, you will have to continue to live with your neighbours and so resolving the dispute amicably is always preferable.

Please read over-the-garden-hedge government guidance before making a complaint. If the dispute can’t be resolved, then use our complaint form to tell us the steps that you have taken to resolve the issue and the ways in which the height of the hedge is interfering with your enjoyment of your property. 

High hedges complaint form

How do I make sure that my neighbour keeps the hedge at its new height?

As well as reducing the height of the hedge, we can order your neighbour to take action to prevent the problems with the hedge happening again which could include keeping the hedge at its new height for as long as it is there.

The remedial notice issued will set out any such maintenance requirement so you wouldn't have to make another formal complaint, or go through this process again to get something done.