Council Tax reduction/support (CTR/CTS)

Second adult rebate

What is a second adult rebate?

A second adult rebate is based on the income of the second adult living at your property and their ability to afford the extra 25 per cent as a result of having a single person discount removed.

Second adult rebate does not apply to your partner, lodger or a jointly liable person.

You should claim second adult rebate if your income is too high to claim council tax reduction (CTR/CTS) but the second adult living in the property is on benefits or otherwise on a low income.

We will usually assess an application for CTR/CTS as an application for second adult rebate to decide which you would be better off claiming. This is known as the “better-buy calculation”.

If there is more than one second adult sharing your home, the income of both or all of them is taken into account.

You may be able to claim for another type of discount or exemption if you don’t qualify for CTR/CTS.

See if you are eligible for second adult rebate by using the online calculator.

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