Council Tax reduction/support (CTR/CTS)

Council Tax Reduction (CTR or CTS)

Difficulty paying your Council Tax?

You may be eligible for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) also known as Council Tax Support (CTS) if you’re on a low income, claim certain benefits and do not have more than £16,000 in capital. Our current CTR/CTS scheme has been in place since April 2013 and broadly followed the previous national Council Tax Benefit scheme.

Download the Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2024-25

Important changes from 1 April 2020 for those of working age

The CTR/CTS scheme for those of working age is changing following a recent consultation exercise. This is because the existing scheme does not work effectively with the government’s Universal Credit system and customers are experiencing multiple changes in their CTR/CTS and Council Tax bill throughout the year.

The new income banded scheme will continue to protect our more vulnerable residents and those who are on ‘passported’ benefits such as Income Support. Those of pensionable age will also continue to receive maximum help based on their circumstances. We will continue to carry out an assessment using the composition, income and capital of the household compared to a needs allowance. Customers will be placed into a band according to their excess income (the amount by which their income exceeds their need allowance). The amount of CTR/CTS for each customer will not change if their excess income remains within that band.

Make a CTR/CTS claim

You will need to provide supporting evidence with your claim. Any entitlement granted will be credited to your Council Tax account. You may also be able to apply to backdate your claim for up to six months from the date of your claim. Our aim is to finalise claims within 14 days of supplying the last piece of information required.