Deddington neighbourhood plan

Deddington Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Deddington Neighbourhood Plan Consultation (closed)

Deddington Parish Council prepared a draft (Submission) Neighbourhood Development Plan for Deddington Parish. The Plan proposes planning policies to be used in the determination of planning applications within the Neighbourhood Plan Area.  Background information can be found on the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan website.

Cherwell District Council undertook a public consultation on the draft (Submission) Plan from Friday 9 June to to Friday 21 July 2023.  For information, the draft Plan and supporting documents are available below.

Public Notice

Submission Documents

  1. Map identifying Deddington Neighbourhood Plan Area
  2. Deddington Neighbourhood Final Submission Plan
  3. Basic Conditions Statement
  4. Consultation Statement
  5. Strategic Environmental Assessment Report
  6. Housing Needs Assessment
  7. Final Site Assessment Report
  8. Parish Character Study
  9. Regulation 14 Analysis
  10. Regulation 14 Responses and replies
  11. Site Option Assessment 1
  12. Site Option Assessment 2
  13. Evidence concerning need for nursery