Event management and safety advisory group

Holding an event?

Then you need to understand that you are legally responsible for the safety of anyone attending. When you plan your event you should:

  • Create a planning timetable including key dates;
  • Identify a team of people to help plan, organise and run the event, including who can take responsibility for public safety;
  • Be clear about what you can achieve on your budget;
  • Carry out a risk assessment to ensure public safety;
  • Consider whether your event will cause disruption to traffic and/or the local community - Submit an event management plan (EMP) which gives a clear responsible person and chain of command.
  • Have sufficient public liability insurance;
  • Put waste management in place.  View details of our business waste collection service or call our team for advice 01295 221916.
  • If any live animals are being considered as part of the event a license may be required.  Please check with the person supplying the animals.

Temporary event licence

You may require a licence for your event if it includes the sale or supply of alcohol, the provision of late night refreshment or regulated entertainment.

Apply for a licence

Safety Advisory Group

We host a Safety Advisory group (SAG) that brings together all agencies that have an interest in safety and the environmental impact of public events. It's a forum to provide advice to event organisers. 

SAG has no legal powers or responsibilities and cannot approve or prohibit events. The event organisers and those managing the event are legally responsible for public safety.

Members of a SAG can include:

  • Traffic management officer, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Fire safety officer, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Inspector in charge of operations, Thames Valley Police
  • Area liaison manager, South Central Ambulance Trust
  • Cherwell District Council licensing officers
  • Cherwell District Council environmental health officers

Tell us about an event

To notify the SAG of an event please complete the Event Notification Form.

Complete event notification form

If you have any general enquiries about events email: hpandcompliance@cherwell-dc.gov.uk.

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