Anti-social behaviour

How the Bicester Public Spaces Protection Order is enforced

A guide for residents and businesses 

As Cherwell Council and Thames Valley Police we both enforce the PSPO in Bicester. Here is some information on how it is enforced.

Loitering or Causing Anti Social Behaviour

If a person or group is loitering in the restricted area or if they are causing or likely to cause anti-social behaviour they can be asked to leave and not to return within 24 hours. Failure to comply is deemed a further breach of the PSPO and the following applies. 

If a breach of the PSPO is detected

For over 18’s

  • Formal warning letter sent, by Cherwell Council (valid for 6 months from issue) or
  • Fixed Penalty notice (max £100) issued by either Thames Valley Police or Cherwell Council.

For under 18’s

  • First Breach (could be identified by police or council officers)
    Cherwell District Council issues a formal warning letter to the offender & notifies parents/guardians.
  • Second Breach
    The offender will be returned home by a Police Officer to their parent or guardian to discuss the offence.
  • Third Breach
    The offender to be taken home and issued with a FPN (max £100) (by police or Cherwell Council) in their name in the presence of parents or guardians.

Repeat offenders (any age) will be reviewed by Cherwell Council and Thames Valley Police for consideration of further action.