Road closures for events

Road closures: special events and street parties

Road closure permission and application

If you are holding a special event such as a parade or social gathering and would like to close the road you will need permission.

We have limited powers to make temporary traffic regulation orders relating to special events taking place on the public highway.

What is a Street Party?

Street parties and fetes are ‘get-togethers’ that groups of residents arrange with their neighbours. Find out more on Streets Alive and Big lunch. You can also call us for more advice and information on 01295 221704.

Road closure signs and barriers 

It is a legal requirement to ensure your road closures are clearly signed and closed using Highway standard signs and equipment.

We can provide a traffic management service to event organisers of smaller events, for an appropriate fee.

For larger events, organisers may be required to employ a traffic management company to provide a comprehensive plan to close roads, divert traffic and provide staff. If you need more advice, call us on 01295 221704.

What type of event qualifies for a road closure order?

Under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, we have powers to close the public highway for events such as:

  • Ceremonies
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Fun fairs
  • Street parties

Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department process road closures for the following:

  • Sports Events
  • Road works
  • Major Impact Special Event Orders

Cost of road closure application

The work involved in making an order is considerable and involves officer time, consultation with the police and highways department, transport and emergency services and other organisations, as well as the drawing up of signage requirement plans and diversionary routes and the legal costs of drafting, signing and sealing of the official order. Charges below have been fixed to meet some of these costs:

  • Orders made annually, or orders with limited impacts - £87.50 + VAT.
  • Road closures of significant size and/or multiple road closures - £175 + VAT.
  • Commercial events - double the charges set out in (a) and (b).

Event organisers are asked to notify us at least 6 weeks in advance of the event.

To submit an application for a road closure please email details of your event including, date, time and roads to be closed to

Do I need insurance?

We strongly advise event organisers to cover themselves and their attendees; advice about this can be found at Streets Alive and The Big Lunch. Quotes for insurance can start at around £50.