Planning enforcement

Breaches of planning control

Planning enforcement is the process we use to investigate and resolve breaches of planning control and includes complaints about development taking place without planning permission, or properties being used for business or other uses without permission.

The majority of breaches reported are resolved by discussion and negotiation to the benefit of all parties, including us. We have statutory powers which we use when necessary.

Examples of planning control breaches due to lack of permission:

  • erection(s) of new buildings and extensions to existing buildings
  • changing the use of land or buildings
  • where planning permission has been granted but approved plans and related conditions have not been followed properly
  • advertisements erected
  • protected trees removed or lopped
  • carrying out of works to a listed building, both internal and external

Please note we cannot investigate:

  • boundary or ownership disputes
  • Party Wall Act issues
  • covenant issues

The Local Enforcement Plan explains the rules for all parties involved and how they can be applied, it relates purely to breaches of planning control.