Land charges and searches

Personal search requests

The personal search service operates by email only

This search is restricted to a search of the statutory registers only and does not include CON29 information.

Information can be gathered from other departments to obtain the answers to the CON29, their contact information is detailed below.

Please note that any additional requests made to the Land charges Department may incur a charge.


  • Please email us at to request a personal search, including the search address and plan
  • A maximum of four addresses per email and corresponding plans to be included
  • We will aim to return your result within 10 working days (as per our current target)
  • Requests will be completed on a first come first served basis
  • All personal search results will be emailed back by replying to your request email. If you need it to be returned to a different email address, please make this very clear in your request.
  • If we have a query in relation to your request, eg plan insufficient, we will ask you to resolve and then request the search again. The request will then follow the normal first come first served basis.
  • We would like to make you aware that some of our historic register information can only be researched by us at our offices and in these circumstances this could cause a delay to your personal search result. You will be notified of such circumstances.

Department Telephone email
Land Charges  01295 221596
Planning Department 01295 227006
Building Control 01295 227006
Housing 01295 227004
Environmental Health 01295 227007
OCC Highways 01865 815082
OCC Road agreements 01865 815202
OCC Rights of way 01865 810808