Land charges and searches

Service information

Our current turnaround time for Official Local Search results is 5 to 10 working days

How to submit requests


Payment will be requested via invoice.  Payment can then be made online, via bacs or telephone

Please do not post search forms or cheques to our offices: The service operates remotely so postal applications and cheques cannot be processed.

Search requirements and results

Search requirements

  • One each of LLC1 and CON29 forms: The Law Society holds the copyright to form CON29, which can be obtained from most publishers eg Laser Form, Oyez, Shaw & Son.
  • One copy of an up-to-date Land Registry plan

Search results

  • Turnaround time will be normally be between 5 to10 working days, depending of staffing levels and volume of requests.
  • All results will be emailed to you. The result will be emailed back to the address requesting the application. If you wish it to be returned to an alternative address, please make this clear on your application.

Fee schedule 2024/25

From 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Search Type Search Fee VAT where applicable Total Fee
LLC1 and CON29R (full search) £215.00 £33.00 £248.00
CON29R only (No LLC1) £165.00 £33.00 £198.00
LLC1 Only (search of the register) (VAT N/A) £50.00 £0.00 £50.00
LLC1 any one part (VAT N/A) £4.17 £0.00 £4.17
CON29O (Optional enquiries) Questions 4 to 21(each) £18.00 £3.60 £21.60
CON29O (Optional enquiry) Question 22 £54.17 £10.83 £65.00
Additional Parcel LLC1 £2.00 £0.00 £2.00
Additional Parcel CON29 £25.00 £5.00 £30.00
Additional Parcel CON29O Question 22 £1.33 £0.27 £1.60
Solicitors own worded enquiries (Land Charges discretion to answer) £30.00 £6.00 £36.00
Personal Search Free £0.00 Free

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