Community Governance Review

Adderbury - May 2020

May 2020

Following the submission of a Community Governance Review petition from West Adderbury Residents Association, full Council have been asked to set up a working group to look at the request to split the existing parish into two separate parishes

The report was considered at the meeting on 20 May 2020, and all recommendations were approved. The recommendations included setting up a working group, and approving the timetable for the review, which will be completed by February 2021. The terms of reference give more details about the process of the review. 

There will be two formal consultation stages during the review. The first one will start on Monday 29 June, and run through to Friday 28 August. Every household in Adderbury will receive a consultation document through the post, addressed to the householder, which will provide more information about the request to separate the parish. We have been advised that these documents have started arriving on Friday 26 June. 

The document includes short questions, a reply slip and a reply paid envelope. It is possible to respond electronically if people would prefer. The consultation period is now open, and the link to reply electroncially is included at bullet point 5 below. 

Please note, we cannot take into consideration any comments that are submitted to the Council, the working group or the Ward members before the start of the formal consultation period on 29 June. If you have submitted anything before this date, please re-send it to us once the consultation starts on 29 June. 

The members of the working group are:

  • Councillor John Broad
  • Councillor Conrad Copeland
  • Councillor Ian Corkin
  • Councillor Shaida Hussain
  • Councillor George Reynolds
  • Councillor Sean Woodcock