Community Governance Review

We want to make sure that parish governance in the district continues to reflect the identities and interests of local communities and that it's effective and convenient. 

At the 19 July 2021 Council meeting, councillors agreed that a community governance review should be completed. This is the process that allows us to make changes to the governance of towns and parishes in the District.

A community governance review (CGR) takes around 12 months to complete and involves two stages of consultation with local people and other interested people. The final decision on changes are made by all district councillors, taking into account the consultation responses, legislation and the CGR guidance.

Any changes agreed as part of a CGR usually come in to force at the next full election scheduled for the town/parish concerned (i.e. not a by-election). 

More details about the review can be found on the 2021 review page

If you have any questions about the Community Governance Review process, or would like more information about any of the recent reviews, please contact the Democratic and Elections team: