Community Governance Review

This is the process for a district council to make changes to parish areas, usually at the request of parishes.

We have to publish details of the areas that will be looked at during the review called the Terms of Reference.

Graven Hill

The formal Community Governance Review process has now finished, and the formal order to implement the changes has been completed.

Previous Reviews

We have previously completed Community Governance Reviews for:

  • Upper Heyford - splitting the existing parish into two new parishes, to take effect from 1 April 2019;
  • Fritwell, Stratton Audley, Tadmarton, Weston-on-the-Green and Yarnton Parish Councils - requested changes in their number of parish councillors.

If you have any questions about the Community Governance Review process, or would like more information about any of the recent reviews, please contact the Democratic and Elections team: